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kindaveryawesome-deactivated201 asked: oh oki, thanks and I won't be stealing any ideas :)

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Anonymous asked: Yeah, but don't worry I wont copy the same points.

Well I don’t mind if you make a blog similiar to this, there’s alot of blogs that have these kind of things, just different ideas.

but I would want any of mine or other people’s idea that I have posted on this site get stolen.¬†

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Anonymous asked: Hey! I just wanted to say I LOVELOVELOVELOVE your blog and I was wondering if you don't mind making my blog like yours?. it's okay if you don't want me to :)

Hi ( : thank you I really appreciate it, and do you mean you making a blog like this one?

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i’m loving your tumblr, looks like i’m not the only person that does strange things x)

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